Bumping Ball! It's fun, new, fulfilling and easy to operate.  And everyone is a potential customer.  People might say, "Another recreational activity?" But, we are way more than that! We are an ALL INCLUSIVE fun experience provider. Here at Bumping Ball we have discovered that becoming part of your community, having fun every day, and making customers happy creates a fulfilling & rewarding business opportunity.​

​Bumping Ball is now offering franchises to qualified owners. Our concept is driven by a strong Community Management, and is revolutionizing a the leisure industry. We feature an extremely low total investment and royalties, a fully automatizable organization involving a few hours of work a week, designated territories, full support among the Bumping Ball family, and elaborate training, integrated website/booking solution and best of all it is a cash-based business with no accounts receivable

A Bumping Ball Franchise offers the opportunity to control your life and achieve your goals for the future. Yes, it will require a bit of work to set up your organization, but, if you have the drive and ambition to build a business in a fun industry that allows you to make extra money at the end of the month with a minimum of effort and be backed by the systems and support of a dedicated franchise company… if you share the passion for excellence and customer service on which Bumping Ball is founded, we invite you to consider our franchise opportunity.


  1. Call to be introduced to the Bumping Ball franchise opportunity and get your basic questions answered, giving you a sense of who we are and what Bumping Ball has to offer. Or, fill out the contact form here and we'll be happy to contact you directly.

  2. Submit our Qualification Questionnaire. Click here to download.

  3. Receive, review and discuss the Franchise Disclosure Document ("FDD").

  4. Get to know our existing franchisees, known as the "validation" process.

  5. Visit Bumping Ball in the San Francisco Bay Area, California so we can mutually determine whether there is a great match between you and Bumping Ball.

  6. Execute the Franchise Agreement and related documents.

  7. Find one or several facilities to host your games, with considerable guidance from Bumping Ball and our tenant-rep brokers.

  8. Design, build-out and set up your store, with oversight and guidance from Big Frog and our vendor partners.

  9. Attend training at the Bumping Ball HQ.

  10. Start your new Bumping Ball business, with Bumping Ball support staff there to assist you in training your staff, setting up your organization and processes, and working with customers!


At umping Ball Franchise Group we provide outstanding support and training for our franchisees. It begins when you are awarded your franchise and never ends, with continuous improvements to the system, development of new strategies, products & profit centers; communication with our amazing family of franchise owners, and ongoing training and support to help your business grow and thrive.



After being awarded a Bumping Ball Franchise, our goal is to help you start your business with your partners' facilities as quickly as possible so you can start recouping your investment within a few weeks. Our complete support system includes:

  • Finding great partners' facilities

  • Field rental negotiations

  • Community Management

  • Grand Opening/Marketing

  • Employee Training System

  • Manualized Game Operations

  • Ongoing Business Coaching

Our Bumping Ball system is here to support you from the moment you sign the contract utilizing our ongoing coaching method. Our team will continue to provide you with the Marketing knowledge and Sales Help / Direction needed to create a thriving business.


​ You'll arrive in Cupertino, CA approximately 3 to 4 weeks before your franchise actually starts where you'll be trained at one of our preferred partner's facility in the following areas: ​

  • The Bumping Ball brand

  • Sales

  • ​Marketing

  • Operations: employee management, partner relationship negotiation, client speech

  • Game coaching training

  • Website utilization

  • Community Management skills


Onsite training is focused on customer service, support and workflow. Your on-site trainer will begin with the most important aspect of Bumping Ball... Our Superior Customer Service! ​ The trainer will teach you everything about the amazing experience provided by Bumping Ball franchises so that will immediately put your customer at ease and ready to have the time of their life.

When our trainer leaves, you (and your employees) will be confident with our Bumping Ball system and methods, However, if you ever have any questions, the Bumping Ball team is only a phone call away.